Time tracker will help your team to track their time on project with a click.
To track time on project you need to just click play button besides project and it will start timer on top bar showing details of project on which time is getting tracked. Time track will automatically fill your time sheet only if it’s run time more than 5 minutes.

This video helps you to Turn on Time sheet module.

This video Help you to Add Time In Timesheet.

This video Help you to EDIT Time In Timesheet.

This video Help you to DELETE Timesheet.

If you don't want to use timesheet functionality you can keep it OFF for some users. Further if you turn ON time sheet, you can control whose time sheet can be seen. If ADVANCE button is OFF, user can see only his timesheet.

If ADVANCE button is ON, user can see timesheet of all users. Owner can use this functionality to delegate some of his work related to reviewing timesheet of other staff to some user.

When advance button is OFF, related means user will be able to view his timesheet only. When advance button is ON, user will be able to view timesheet of all the staff.

In settings module you can change maximum timesheet days. Maximum 60 days allow for timesheet fill.