Review Projects

If review projects setting is ON, then staff whom have have given Role to review projects will be able to review projects on Review Projects Page. Authorised person can review the project and when satisfied the can finish the project, thereafter projects will be in read only mode on finish projects page.

This Video Help you to Start Project Review.

Goto settings page then project settings tab and ON Review Projects button for start Review Projects System.

This Video Helps you to SEE Review Projects.

For changing completed project to review project time period go to settings page then click on Project settings tab, here you can manage default Completed to Review Period. Maximum 60 days allow for this. After This period Completed Projects will be moved to Review Mode if Review Projects is ON else Project will be moved to Finished State.

Go to settings page then project setting, here you can change Review Time period, maximum 60 days allow for this. After This Period Under Review Projects will be moved to Finished State with Default / None Review. Only applicable if Review Mode is ON.