Notifications can be created to alert you when something changes in Easycloudbooks. For example, alert for you have been added to project or query, alert for your have received comments on query raised by you, as a project manager number of projects on which you need to provide status report, as owner alert for project on which more than 3 days overdue for project updates etc. When a notification is triggered an alert will appear at the top of your screen. On click you can view the list of notifications. Click each individual alert to view it in more detail, or you can click read all notifications to view all notifications at once. Alerts won't be sent to the user who triggered the event. For example if you added a yourself to project then you will not get notification.

You will get following different types of notifications on easycloudbooks depending upon access role you enjoy in your company.
As Executive
1. Project Invite - When you are added to project
2. Query Invite - When you are added to comment on query
3. Query Alert- When you get comments on query raised by you
4. ECB Updates- For changelog, Scheduled maintenance, Occasions wishes etc.
5. Birthday - For updating you about birthdays of your colleagues.
6. Query Updates- For number of unsolved queries on which you have not replied for more than seven days

As Project Manager
Project Update- Alert for number of projects on which you need to provide status updates.

As Owner/ Manager
Project Alerts - Alert for number of projects on which more than 3 days have overdue from project status due date.

Notification related to all the companies in which you are associated will appear at once. so you need not change your company. However if you get notification for company other than one in which you are logged in, you can view details of notification only after changing the company from top menu bar.

Yes. You can customize notification that you wish to see or not. For this purpose you go to view all notification page and there you can select the category of notification to turn on/off.

View button will only be visible for notifications related to company on which you are logged in and therefore to view details of notification related to other companies you need to change the company from top menu bar.

Yes you can bookmark Notifications and filter the Notifications only to show bookmarked Notifications. This functionality you can use to keep reference of Notifications you are currently working on.