We have revised the documents and reports module. It is window styled folder and document feature with which everyone is familiar. You can upload documents by browsing or by dragging and dropping like you usually do in your computer. You will also see folder named “Common” which you can use for storing forms, checklist, templates etc. In this version right click functions are also available to create folder, copy folder or document etc. You can send files download links to clients by Email & SMS.

This Video Help you to upload Documents in Easycloudbooks.

User can open, download, get information, copy, cut, paste, delete, duplicate, rename, edit , lock , unlock, email link, sms link and sort any folder and files.

yes , user can recover any file or folder which are deleted, just go to document log section, find your file or folder, preview it and click on recover button. Deleted files or folder restore in your document section in folder named recovered folder. User can recover deleted files and folders within 30 days of deletion. After this period you can not recover any file or folder.

Yes , you can download multiple files at a time.

User can upload Single file size is 100 mb maximum. But you can upload many files at a time which size are not more than 100 mb. In other word you can upload a folder which having many files of 100 mb. Single file which size 101 mb is not uploaded in documents.

Only text files are editable.

yes, you can upload directly by drag and drop files or folder in document section from your computer.

Default file link validity setting is available in settings section. You can choose Maximum 60 days link is active after it, link will expire.