Contacts Import

Import many contacts into Easycloudbooks at once, saving you time when you're setting up your practice. You can import Contacts using a template XLS file, or XLXS file. If you already have contacts in Easycloudbooks, you can import more.

Contact Name :- First name and last name are Compulsory field. Note (already existing contact will not be imported).
Gender :- By default it is male.
Email & Phone Number : Voluntary Field in which you can mention Email and Phone number of contact person.
Note : Voluntary Field in which you can mention small text description about contact.

.xls or .xlxs formats supported by system.

1000 contacts are imported at a time and Up to 2 mb size, file can be imported.

Yes, Report is generated after completion of import which contain
1.Successfully Imported Contacts Count
2.Already Existed Contacts Count
3.Error Contacts Count
4.File Rejection Message when file is not in proper format.