To use client portal feature you need send invitation to client using client login button. Thereafter client will be able to create their user id or if they have any existing user id, they can use that id and login in client portal. After login, client dashboard will display quick information about projects running, payment due, upcoming due dates, pending client todos and recent payments. On project page client will be able to see all the pending projects with client status note added by project manager. On Documents page client will be able to upload documents and can also download files share with him by project manager and other staff members.

This video helps you to Login and use Client Portal in Easycloudbooks.

For this goto settings page then click on Client Area settings, here you can start Chat api, change Buy - Tax text, change Buy - Support text and ON/OFF Add Website User Automatically (Powered by easycloudbooks website), This permits EasyCloudBooks to Add User Automatically which log in to your Website.